Ok…I’m Casey Johnston. I’m just a regular 22 year old from Louisiana. I have recently discovered that I love photography. I know you’re probably thinking, “yea, yea I bet she does. Everybody else says that too.” I really do! There’s no greater feeling than taking pictures of a cute little two year old and getting to know a family through a photo shoot. You can make life long friends in just an hour or less. It’s amazing!

I’ve done a few shoots so far and I haven’t charged anyone yet because I don’t feel like I have enough experience to do that. I’m so critical of my work and I don’t want it to turn out bad and have a client complain. Everyone has been asking though so it kind of makes me think maybe I should charge at least a small sitting fee…who knows. Maybe in the future I will if I get a lot of business. But for now I’m “practicing” 🙂 Here are a few pictures from a shoot I did last week for your enjoyment..

This precious little boy is my boyfriend’s nephew Westley. He is the cutest thing and he’s so fun!

This handsome couple are Christen and Curtis. They are the wonderful parents of little Westley.

Finally, these handsome men are Curtis and Ben Beavers. Ben is my wonderful boyfriend! 🙂